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  • Ozone generators
  • Hydraulic components
  • Shop presses
  • Parts washer accessories

    Different accessories for our parts washers, which make the washing process easier, and the everyday part cleaning more comfortable. We offer pumps for parts washers, which are resistant to the special parts washing fluid.

  • Headlight tester and aimers

    Optical headlight tester and aimer device for testing and precise setting of passenger car, utility truck, bus and trucks headlights. Choose from our headlight tester and aimer products!

  • Useful accessories

    The unremarkable, yet indispensable small things that make repairs easier. Also perfect as a gift.

  • Air conditioning rechargers
  • Exhaust fume extractors
  • Cleaning agents
  • Welding equipment
  • Battery chargers

    You will find a wide selection of battery chargers in our range. We offer battery chargers in several designs, based on power and function. The chargers are suitable for 12V and 24V batteries, allowing to charge car, utility truck and light truck lead batteries. We also offer automatic chargers, which are suitable for jump-starting, sulfate-treatment and alternator state check.

  • Induction heaters
  • Spring compressors
  • Parts washers

    Washing demounted parts is useful to identify surface damage. Smaller or bigger parts? Not a problem with our washer selection. We offer several types of parts washers with built-in electric pumps, even portable ones.

  • LED work lamps
  • Pipe benders

    Manual and hydralic-operated pipe benders with stand for handling different metal workpieces. While the smaller, manual versions are generally suitable for brake- and fuel tube bending, the portable stand models are applicable for larger sized pipes, due to 59MPa operating pressure also suitable for more serious operations. Take a look at our pipe bender range!

  • Mobile and cabinet heaters

    Master mobile heaters can heat any room or area quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for use as a temporary or permanent heating solution. The range consists of oil, gas and electric heaters. Cabinet heaters are ideal as a heating solution for workshops, factories or other industry or agriculture premises. These devices allow an easy installation

  • Workshop furniture
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Oil service
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Showing 13 - 24 of 232 items

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