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Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) testing tool kit


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For removing and installing the tyre pressure monitoring system, also suitable for later installed sensors. Complete kit with the testing device, torque screwdrivers, sockets.

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  • Starting from November of 2014 the tyre pressure sensor (TPMS) has to be installed in all vehicles
  • Starting from June of 2015 the sensor precision is tested during the technical inspection of the vehicle - if the sensor is not precise, the inspection will be considered failed

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The disadvantage of the factory-installed direct sytems is their lifespan of only 4-5 years
  • The sensors can be built into the valve (factory-installed TPMS) with a disadvantage of a short lifespan
  • The other type is the programmable sensor, which can be installed later, with the advatage of a the screw-connection of the sensor and the valve, so that the sensor does not need to be thrown away when the valve is replaced


  • The TPMS sensor ensures the appropriate tyre pressure, enhancing safe driving
  • When the tyre pressure is at an optimal level, the fuel consumption and the environment  pollution are reduced, the tyre wear is reduced also


  • For direct system analysis, re-programming after replacement
  • For factory-installed sensor testing
  • For cloning later installed, prgrammable sensors
  • The device contains a vehicle database


  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) testing and activating device
  • Torque screwdriver 0.1-3.0Nm
  • Torque screwdriver 2.0-10Nm
  • 3/8" gliding T-handle
  • 1/4" valve needle tool
  • 1/4" torx bit T10
  • 1/4" deep socket 11mm
  • 1/4" deep socket 12mm

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