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Automatic wheel balancer, with laser, sonar gauge with 19” LCD display


Rim diameter capacity 10"-32", automatic data entry (distance, diameter), sonar gauge B, 7 ALU and 2 EALU balance mode, hidden weight placement, self-calibration function, self-check and diagnosis function, high quality materials, ring-shaped LED light

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The US-898 wheel balancer combines quality with ease of use, and presents a valuable addition to any service station or work-shop. The built in laser beam, ring shaped LED light and spherical mirror provide you with an easy and comfortable balancing experience.


  • Optimized automatically bidirectional locating, locking and fixing point braking function, simple to use. 
  • Automatic positioning
  • Precise phase angle location, error less than +-1 and easy accurate laser marker.
  • Optional motorcycle accessories for motorcycle dynamic balance measurement (US-MAB1, US-MAB2, US-MAB3)
  • Automatically input of all parameters according to the screen prompt, forever precise digital gauges, no need to calibrate out of factory
  • According to the need, counterweight sticking position and laser indicator can shift from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock randomly, convenient to wash and stick inside wheel hub. 
  • Apply user-friendly ring-shaped LED light to measuring and attaching process.


  • Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance
  • Ultrasonic gauge B
  • Laser beam indicating position at 6 and 12 o'clock attaching counterweight
  • User-friendly LED light to measuring and attaching process
  • ALU 1-3, ALU 4-7 and EALU 1-2 balance programs
  • Motorcycle function
  • Self-check & diagnosis function
  • Self-calibration function
  • 19” LCD display

Available languages: EN,DE,HU,RO,SI,CZ,SK,HR,IT,RUS,JP,CN,KR,ES

Technical specifications:

Rim diameter:10" - 32"
Rim width:1.5" - 25"
Max wheel weight:70 kg
Read-out accuracy:+- 1 g
Cycle time:< 6s
Spinning speed:<150 RPM
Power supply230V

    Wheel balancer rim parameters

    Maximum weight of wheel
    • 70kg
    Max. felni átmérő
    • 32"
    Max. felni szélesség
    • 25"
    Min. felni átmérő
    • 10"
    Min. felni szélesség
    • 1.5"
    Keréktárcsa rögzítése a tengelyen
    • Gyorsrögzítővel

    Wheel balancing parameters

    • ±1gr
    Wheel balancing time
    • 6s
    Rotation speed
    • 150RPM
    Indítás kerékvédő burkolattal
    • Igen

    Wheel balancer display

    • 19" LCD kijelző

    Data input

    Adatbeviteli mód
    • Automatikus
    Átmérő adatbevitel
    • Automatikus
    Szélesség adatbevitel
    • Automatikus

    Wheel balancer weight positioning

    Kerékfixálás súlyfelrakáskor
    • Automatikus
    Kerékpozícionálás súlyfelrakási pontra
    • Automatikus
    Öntapadó súlyfelhelyezés
    • Lézeres

    Wheel balancing programs

    Dinamikus program
    • Van
    Statikus program
    • Van
    Alu program
    • Van
    Split (súlyelosztás, rejtett súly)
    • Van
    OPT (optimalizálás)
    • Van
    Motorkerékpár program
    • Rendelhető adapterrel
    • Van
    Öndiagnosztika program
    • Van
    ECO-Weight (súlymegtakarítás)
    • Van
    Multioperátor funkció
    • 2 felhasználó

    Shipping parameters

    Product weight130.00kg

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