Shipping options

Shipping terms and conditions

You have the option to choose courier delivery. Our company cooperates with the Trans-o-Flex shipping company. Your order will be processed on the same day, if it arrives in our system before 12:00.

In Hungary: depending on stock, you can receive the ordered products within 2-3 work days from the day of the order. Payment options: prepayment, cash-on-delivery (currency: Ft).
In Romania, Slovakia: you can receive the ordered products within 3-4 work days from the day of the order. Payment options: prepayment, cash-on-delivery (currency in Romania: RON, in Slovakia: euro).

Our inventory is constantly changing, so it is possible that a product that is still displayed in the webshop is no longer in stock, and we can not, or can only partially fulfil the order. Of course we will notify you in such a case by e-mail or telephone and discuss the options of modifying the order.

For courier deliveries, please provide your (mobile) phone number so that in case of unsuccessful delivery the courier can arrange an another delivery time with you. In case of unsuccessful delivery, it may happen that the next delivery attempt will not the carried out the next working day, but at the time agreed with the courier. When submitting your order, the billing and shipping address may differ, which will considered in all cases, when dispatching your order.

Caution! Please check the condition of the product upon delivery, if the product is damaged, please record this with the courier by filling out a corresponding protocol. Without a protocol, we can not replace damaged goods.

Further information about courier delivery can be found on the website of Trans-o-flex shipping company. We reserve the right to change the shipping terms and conditions!

Contact details of the Trans-o-flex shipping company
Tel.: +36 1 8 777 400, +36 1 8 777 444

Unsuccessful delivery

In case of unsuccessful delivery of the parcel, the courier attempts a second delivery without additional expenses. If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, all further delivery charges shall be borne by the buyer.

Damaged package

Please check the package when it is delivered before the courier. If you see any damage to the box that indicates damage to the product, please do not sign for the packet and fill out a protocol with the courier. If after opening the package in the presence of the courier, it becomes clear that the product is damaged, and the damage was done before delivery, we offer an 8-day exchange warranty. In such a case, you can prove your case with the protocol filled out by the courier. Without the protocol we can not exchange the goods without any additional costs. If you notice any damage, promptly contact our customer service at debrecen (at) lincos. hu e-mail address or +36/52-319-107 telephone / fax number.

Pick Pack Pont

Discover the world and values of Pick Pack Point! Did you know that the Pick Pack Point service not only saves time and money, but is also environment-friendly? Choose the Pick Pack Point and enjoy the advantages of this service during online shopping!

Reasonable prices
The Pick Pack Pont system is comfortable as well as cost-effective. Out of more than 600 pick-up points one is sure to be along your path!

Environmental awareness
The packages are brought to the pick-up points via collection routes, so extra drives making the roads even more busy are avoided. Yearly we are protecting our environment, air and water from the emission of 1275 tonnes of CO2 with our service– this amount would be filtered from the atmosphere by 25.00 grown trees in a year!

The Pick Pack Point employees strive everyday for flexibility, reliability and approachability. Our staff at our high-quality Pick Pack Points will help you to receive your package quickly and safely.
If you have any problems with picking up your package, the staff of the pick-up point and our customer service is ready to help you.

Customer service telephone number: 00 36 1 803 6300,

Why choose the Pick Pack Point system?

  • You can not afford to wait on an appointed day at the delivery address for the courier
  • The package can not be delivered to your workplace
  • The delivery with a courier is too expensive
  • You would like to plan your free time yourself

Choose your own Point and just Pick Pack up your package!
The Pick Pack Point system offers a comfortable, reasonably priced, reliable, personal package pick-up service in 190 cities across the country with more than 600 Pick Pack Points. You can pick up your package according to your daily plans in a timeframe of up to 5+5 work days at our system's high-quality pick-up points with long opening hours.

That's how convenient using our service is:

  • Place your online order and choose from more than 600 pick-up points the most convenient one for you
  • The webshop will notify you when your package is handed over to the Pick Pack Pont logistics
  • The package can be traced with an identifying code provided by the webshop on the ⦁ website (Csomagkereső)
  • If you package has arrived at the Pick Pack Point of your choice: We will notify you about the arrival via e-mail and even a text message
  • After arrival, the package will be held for 5+5 work days
  • The package can be picked up day or night and most Points accept bank card payments

The costs of picking up your package at Pick Pack Point:

0-3 kg, 20x30x10 cm709 Ft
3,1-10 kg, 30x30x30 cm709Ft
10,1-15 kg, 50x50x50 cm759Ft
15,1-20 kg, 60x60x60 cm759Ft

To speed up the picking-up process in person, if possible, please print out the automatic e-mail receipt or have your order ID number with you. Items ordered until the 14:00, will be available for pick-up in Budapest within 1-3 work days or in case of delivery outside of Budapest within 2-4 work days at the Pick Pack Point of your choice. Important! - when picking you package up – for your own safety– it is necessary that you should be able to confirm your identity.

Call us free via Viber!

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